Some Have Asked, "Why Are You Selling Kits Instead Of Assembled Radial Appliances?"

Well, here's the problem with pre-assembled Radial Appliances...

Edgar Cayce told a woman that the radial appliance would resolve her sleeping problems. She ordered one, and soon couldn't sleep at all. Here's the report from Dr. Harold Reilly's book:
Hugh Lynn Cayce tells this amusing story about the impedance device [Radial Appliance] and sleep. At the time this happened, it was being made by Marsden Godfrey, who was a close friend of the Cayces in Norfolk, Virginia. "One day dad got a letter from a woman who had received one of the appliances and said, 'Mr. Cayce, I was sleeping part of the night before I got this appliance that you recommended and now I can't sleep at all. I have gotten so nervous. What should I do?'

"Well, Dad didn't know what to do either, so he suggested she send the appliance back to us, and when it arrived at Marsden's shop they decided the thing to do was to get a reading. They did that and the suggestion came that Godfrey use a magnet to remove the anger that he had built into it.

"As it turned out, Godfrey had had a violent argument with his wife at the time he was building the appliance and the vibration of their anger was picked up by the appliance. They put the magnet over the appliance and then sent it back to the woman. She subsequently reported that it worked beautifully.

"This is an incredible story, but there is a complete record of it. Of course, we could never explain to the woman what was wrong with her appliance because the explanation was harder to accept than the original malfunction"
Edgar Cayce repeatedly said that everyone would benefit from his invention. I have a large market. How many Appliances can I put together in a day? More importantly, how many appliances can I put together without getting bored?

If a person assembles their own Radial Appliance, they don't have to wonder if the person who put their Appliance together knows how to properly ground and center themselves.

Futhermore, you'll be confident in your ability to disassemble the Radial Appliance for demagnetization, if that should become necessary. I know how to tell if demagnetization would help. Does anyone else know how to tell? I don't know.

Finally, kits are one way of defending myself against the Food & Drug Administration, which has been known to defend drug company profits.

Now, when I do assemble a Radial Appliance for someone else, I know exactly what exercises to do beforehand so that my body's subtle energies are grounded and my brainwaves are centered. Knowing how to do this critical step is just as important as having the right components.

I, James Knochel, owner of and builder of Edgar Cayce's Radial Appliance, have been studying the field of Energy Medicine  and human energetics intensively for the past 8 years. I'm on a first-name basis with some of the best-known and most effective energy healers alive on the planet today. Some of these people are published authors, while others prefer to tend their practices and stay close to home.

How long will I be selling Cayce's Radial Appliance? I don't know. Many years ago I bought a large stock of some of the components. After that stock sells out, will I order more supplies? I don't know. The Radial Appliance has been incredibly beneficial for me, for my family and friends... I guess I'll have to think about it when I get there.

But today's price is as cheap as my radial appliance will ever get. If you need one (are you human?), order today.


James Knochel
[email protected]