Solution Jar / Gold Chloride – kit


Edgar Cayce recommended the use of a “solution jar” to carry the vibration of various substances into the body. Two of the most commonly recommended solutions were Gold Chloride and Silver Nitrate.

Lead wire was traditionally used because it reacts with the solutions less than the other metals. I used Sterling Silver wire because it seemed (intuitively) like a better choice for me, personally.

2016-06-06 22.19.14
2016-06-06 22.18.45
This shows how the Solution Jar is used with the Radial Appliance:
2016-06-28 21.38.23
The red wire (not shown) is connected to the body first, then the black wire is connected.

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  • Solution Jar
  • Cap with sterling-silver wire
  • Storage cap
  • Wire Clips
  • 2-foot length of black wire
  • Gold Chloride – 1.5 Grains/Ounce (2 ounces) (Update August 2021: gold chloride has gotten significantly more expensive. You’ll need to source your own for refills anyways. I’ve dropped the price for my version of this jar. I’ll provide the mixing calculations. and ebay have gold chloride).