Antiseptics to help normalize the intestinal microbiome

Edgar Cayce’s health advice frequently stressed the importance of assimilation and elimination. The stomach applies hydrochloric acid and enzymes to freshly-consumed food to prepare it for the next steps of digestion. The small intestine is the primary organ of assimilation, where the nutrients in food are absorbed into the bloodstream. Our large intestines do a little assimilation. The colon absorbs water and electrolytes to prepare what’s left for elimination.

A lot of people are constipated – where waste products don’t easily or regularly come out of their colon. Over the years humanity has figured out a bunch of substances that stimulate the last portion of the large intestine to release its contents. These are referred to as laxatives. Edgar Cayce commonly recommended many of the laxatives available before 1945: milk of magnesia, castor oil, the herb senna, epsom salts, etc. Frequently Cayce would tell constipated people to use a variety of laxatives on different days, then take a break.

While our large intestines are basically bacterial fermentation factories, our small intestines should have a relatively low presence of live bacteria. But sometimes bacterial growth gets out of control. White tongues generally indicate that the person has Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO). Conventional medicine uses a ‘hydrogen breath test’ to look for hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide and methane in a person’s breath, as these are products of the types of bacteria that can become over-abundant in the upper portion of the digestive tract. Problematic bacteria create substances on their surface known as endotoxin, also known as lipopolysacharide. Sometimes I refer to endotoxin as ‘bacteria poop’.

The excess endotoxin caused by SIBO can be a factor behind rheumatism and fibromyalgia. Modern genetic testing links specific problematic bacteria to rheumatoid arthritis. Excess problematic bacteria create more endotoxin than the liver can handle, which overwhelms the liver’s ability to deactivate these poisons. When endotoxin gets into circulation it causes problems elsewhere in the body. The ARE mentions the role of intestinal bacteria in Overview of Fibromyalgia (

One of the interesting laxatives used by Cayce was a combination of salts and a powdered form of the element sulfur:
  • Rochelle salt (Potassium sodium tartrate tetrahydrate)
  • Cream of tartar (Potassium bitartrate)
  • Sulfur USP
Sulfur powder has broad anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Cream of tartar has some antiseptic properties. Cream of tartar and rochelle salts have laxative properties. Reading #349-23, said to take 1/2 teaspoon of the mix of these three salts after waking in the morning. I’ve found a little scoop of the dry powder on my tongue followed by a bit of water to help send it to my stomach works better than trying to mix the powder into water. I don’t have a version of these “sulfur salts” on my little webstore, but I have most of the ingredients. The chemistry store owner says he can get rochelle salts for me:
Picture: sulfur USP, Sulflax, Cream of Tartar
Recreating the classic Cayce Sulfur-Based Laxative
The Heritage Store doesn’t sell this product anymore, but I think the current version sold by the new “official supplier” is probably okay. There are other manufacturers of ‘sulfur salts’ that don’t use the Heritage Store’s expired & re-registered trademark. A lot of people are allergic to “sulfa-based antibiotics”. I don’t know much about the chemistry of these medical products vs. plain old pure sulfur crystals, or “flowers of sulfur”. I was told that I was allergic to sulfa-based antibiotics, but I seem to do okay with pure sulfur powder. I revisited this information when a modern scientist suggested ‘flowers of sulfur’ as a treatment for SIBO, then found an empty container of the Heritage Store’s sulfur laxative product in my archives. An earlier email discussed using Glyco Thymoline as an intestinal antiseptic to treat rheumatism. Sign up for my email list by putting your email in this box: