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Hi Friends,

The conventional approach to health holds that the best way to treat a physical body is with physical interventions. For whatever reason, most modern medical schooling gives lip service to the importance of diet. Modern medicine mostly consists of prescribing drugs and performing surgeries.

Sometimes surgery is critically important to save a life – traumas to a body do require cutting & stitching to improve the patient’s outcome. Sometimes drugs are useful for the immediate survival of the patient… But modern medicine does an exceedingly poor job of handling chronic and degenerative disease in general, and certain “maintenance” drugs are commonly prescribed not because they solve a person’s problem, but because they (hopefully) help make the undesired symptom a little more bearable.

In the western world, there was some success at introducing a different approach to human health 100 years ago. The most powerful of these revolutionaries was Edgar Cayce. Cayce’s treatments usually consisted of diet and gentle natural therapies. Surgery was occasionally recommended, when it was the best option. Sometimes results were obtained quickly, while other cases required persistent application before the full improvement was felt.

Medicine was in an especially dark period at the beginning of Cayce’s adult life, in the early 1900’s. Initial attempts at a widely-accepted rules-based approach to health had been exterminated by the drug trusts. Licensing laws made practicing non-approved medicine illegal.

Edgar Cayce’s approach to health was like a light in the darkness. People were desperate, and the letters pleading for a ‘health reading’ poured in.

Cayce did not publicize his abilities, nor did he make extravagant claims for them. But during his lifetime there were several times that he was subject to extensive newspaper investigations. The investigations were favorable, and the publicity brought fresh waves of letters.

Edgar Cayce’s Forgotten Invention

The approach to wellness used by Cayce was based on principles. Every human is subject to the same basic laws of health. Entire books have been written on Cayce’s approach to health. But here’s an attempt at a brief summary:

The body needs nutrients. It must be able to absorb these nutrients from the environment. Different body types need different foods. Some people need lots of vegetables and a little protein. Some people do well with certain types of  proteins – fish and chicken – while others need red meat 3-4 times a week.

The body must be able to rid itself of waste products. There are four channels of elimination, and these must be properly cared for.

The body’s structure is a consideration. If a body part is out of position, the function of the entire body is affected.

Edgar Cayce’s readings also called for balancing the body’s electric charge:

(Q) Would you advise battery treatment now? [Radial/Radio-Active Appliance]

(A) We would advise battery treatment for everybody! [1000-6]

The Radial Appliance was frequently referred to as a ‘battery’ (or bio-battery), though it produces no current of its own.

Radial Appliance Components

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Are you trying to do everything right in your search for health?

I’d like to tell you about one of our first Edgar Cayce Radial Appliance users. Like all of us, she just wanted her body to function properly, but vibrant health escaped her at every turn. She did everything that she was supposed to do. She was careful about her diet, does her daily yoga and other balancing exercises, and takes all the right supplements. But she still had tremendous problems with her lymphatic system.

She had spent the last decade looking [and spent thousands upon thousands of dollars] for solutions to attain the vibrant health she deserves.

We told her about Edgar Cayce’s Radial Appliance. She knew of Cayce, and was already using castor oil packs on herself. Like anyone who spends any time examining Cayce’s health readings, she trusted what was said… She just didn’t know how to apply the readings to her personal case.


After just a single use of the Radial Appliance, this woman knew it would make a dramatic difference in her life. She’s now rapidly moving towards achieving her life goals, and finding the satisfaction she’s been missing.

Amplify Your Natural Power to Health

Edgar Cayce believed that the first practitioner to consult is the one who inhabits the body being cared for: YOU! All healing really is self-healing, as the body is what heals itself.

YOU already have the POWER to bring renewed stamina to a tired body, vitality to a weary mind, a bounce to a staggered spirit.

Sometimes the body just needs a little help. If a bone is broken, setting it straight and immobilizing it will allow the body to stitch it back together. If an essential nutrient is missing from the diet, it helps to consume more of the foods that have that nutrient.

There are a lot of sincere people with misguided opinions. They try to give good advice, but sincerity only helps so much.

In the readings, Edgar Cayce gave the laws for maximizing human health. Sign up for the Free Reports for some of his most essential bits of wisdom.

If there was technology that was this powerful – not just in its capability for rejuvenating the physical body, but one that also heals the emotions and amplifies thoughts – what would it do for you? Who else would benefit from technology that helps everyone create a more harmonious life?

I’ve received numerous reports from satisfied users of my Radial Appliances (one man traded in his defective device built by the official A.R.E. supplier, and says the one I built for him is much “smoother”.)


  • A 20-year-old obsessive-compulsive disorder completely dissolves with just two uses. The Radial Appliance is priceless to her.
  • Dramatic improvement of a 10 year autoimmune condition with regular use of the Radial Appliance and other Cayce-approved interventions. Four months of use has saved him thousands of dollars in medical expenses. He now has the strength and ambition to exercise daily.
  • One woman got an appliance to evaluate for herself. After a few uses, she got one for her son, and another for her husband. All different colors, of course.
  • A karate Grandmaster took five – one for himself, his wife, and his children.


“Edgar Cayce’s forgotten device instantly unlocks your innate power to rebuild the healthy body that is our birthright.

You begin to feel, sense and extend beyond your self and enter a world previously unknown to you. This device really is a “secret technology” that amplifies your power to heal, and helps you to discover a deeper purpose in your life.”
-K. Glynn, Prescott Arizona

Edgar Cayce passed away in early 1945. World War II had turned the stream of letters into a flood, and Cayce worked himself to death trying to help as many people as he possibly could.

He left behind a tremendous written legacy. Each ‘reading’ was recorded by a stenographer. Copies were sent to the recipient of the reading, and a copy was saved for Cayce’s archives. Most readings had associated correspondence and other associated information. There are copies of follow up letters sent to every address.

Cayce told people how their condition developed. But more importantly, he told them what to do about it. There have been many books based on Cayce’s health philosophy. Most of these were published in the 1950’s, 1960’s, and 1970’s, and there haven’t been any substantial developments for over 30 years


Can Edgar Cayce’s Health Wisdom Help YOU?

Here are some common concerns…

  • You’re constantly running on empty, and you don’t know why
  • You’re overweight, but you crave food all the time
  • You want to quit smoking, but the cancer sticks won’t let go
  • You’re emaciated even though you eat like a Sumo Wrestler
  • You’re constantly tired, but have trouble sleeping
  • You meditate, but the inner nag doesn’t shut up
  • Your medication turns you into a zombie, but you’re even more
    dysfunctional without it.
  • Your hands and feet are cold as ice cubes, but nothing works to
    get them to
    warm themselves.

If any of these points resonate with you, why not get the
Special Reports? They concisely cover how the Radial Appliance fits
into one’s personal search for health.

Who Remembers Edgar Cayce?

I had a providential encounter at a supplement store 100 miles from home one day… (I was only there because the car had been acting up on my road-trip, and the auto parts store was right around the corner). I was about to get in the checkout line when I overheard the clerk talking to a man who was looking for a specific product.

This person had been listening to the store’s daily radio broadcast and heard about a product said to be good for chronic pain. So he got in his car and drove 35+ miles with hope that he might find something to help him out. He said the doctor told him that they couldn’t do surgery on him, and basically left him hanging. He couldn’t work in his family’s cleaning business… his wife had to do everything, but she wasn’t in good shape either.

As I listened to his sorry tale, I pulled out one of my business cards. I told him to get a certain kind of oil (see Free Report #7), and gave the biochemists’ website with all the reasons why certain oils are life-enhancing while other oils in the grocery store are poisonous. I gave another website about a certain kind of manual therapy.

Then I flipped my card over, and said that I use the Edgar Cayce material to help people achieve what they want in their life. His whole demeanor changed instantly:

“Edgar Cayce? I haven’t heard that name in 15 years!”

Over 66 years have passed since Edgar Cayce passed on. There was a 30-40 year period with a steady stream new books based on a study of the Cayce readings. But for some reason, even though natural approaches to health are the big trend of the day, Cayce’s insights are mostly forgotten.

People are still looking for health (many people really are sicker today than before). But the fact of the matter is that achieving health is fantastically simple for most of us: do what Cayce told us to do!


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100 Years Ahead of his Time

Cutting-edge scientists increasingly entertain the idea that we live in a pervasive field of bio-connectivity. Both modern and ancient thinking is reaching a similar conclusion: the body is controlled by energy fields. But 100 years ago, Cayce said that ‘mind is the builder” of a physical experience.

How does the Appliance fit into your daily life?

This Radial Appliance Reading was for a 23-Year Old Man

30. We would also use the vibrations of the low electrical formation, as in the Radio-Active Appliance, that is attached to the wrist and the opposite ankle. …

36. (Q) How long should the battery be used each day?

(A) Until you feel like taking it off! Put it on when you go to bed. When you wake up take it off. But if you go to sleep and leave it on all night, so much the better.

38. (Q) How may I eliminate the physical factor of tenseness while engaged in mental work, and be able to truly concentrate?

(A) We find that the tendencies arise from the reasons as outlined and described, when the body engages in physical or mental work; for there is the calling upon all the energies of the system. By the equalizing of the whole circulation through the vibrations [with the Radial Appliance], and by the creation of the elements through the factors in the system itself, we will be able to make for such a supply of energy that the body may be able to think about one thing and do something else – if so desired! That’s how well it may be controlled by this body! [440-2]

The Radial Appliance was recommended in 900 readings. That’s more than any other modality: it is the only therapy that was said to be good for everyone.

20th Century Science’s Big Lie!

Now, what if you have “bad genes”? Many people think that they have to be fat because their parents were fat. 21st century scientists now know that it’s not the genes you have that matter, but how the genes get switched on and off. The genome’s switches are called the epigenome. Here’s a quote from Discover Magazine:

Our DNA … is now widely regarded as the instruction book for the human body. But genes themselves need instructions for what to do, and where and when to do it. A human liver cell contains the same DNA as a brain cell, yet somehow it knows to code only those proteins needed for the functioning of the liver. Those instructions are found not in the letters of the DNA itself but on it, in an array of chemical markers and switches, known collectively as the epigenome, that lie along the length of the double helix. These epigenetic switches and markers in turn help switch on or off the expression of particular genes. Think of the epigenome as a complex software code, capable of inducing the DNA hardware to manufacture an impressive variety of proteins, cell types, and individuals.

DNA Is Not Destiny

While the genes slowly change over thousands of years, they get turned on and off just like a light switch.

There are various ways to quickly reprogram your own genes. There are now hundreds of scientific studies that prove stress is a huge factor in many health conditions. Stress switches on undesirable parts of your genome, and relaxation switches on the health-producing parts of the genome.

One reason some people attract more stress into their lives than others is because they have a “vortex” in their aura. The radial appliance strengthens the aura and helps dissolve these vortexes. The process is incredibly relaxing, which helps the body by release stress. These actions of the Radial Appliance also help balance the parasympathetic rest-and-digest nervous system. For more information about the Parasympathetic nervous system, click here.

Because of all these benefits, Edgar Cayce’s Radial Appliance is a potent tool for reprogramming your genetic structure.

Some of the Many Benefits of using Edgar Cayce’s Radial Appliance

  • Increases Memory Retention (by coordinating the physical body with the mental body)
  • Repairs Energy Pathways [Meridians, the Aura, Chakras, etc.]
  • Relaxes the Mind & Body.
  • Boosts Circulation.
  • Triggers the Parasympathetic Nervous System to Better Rest & Digest
  • Balances Stress
Video Testimonial: Bringing Rest to the Weary


Genuine Edgar Cayce Radial Appliances

By my count, there are currently four three other builders that sell Radial Appliances. I haven’t personally evaluated most of these devices. Some builders’ devices are good for some people, but others would need to “demagnetize” the appliance because of incompatibilities with a given builder’s vibrations.

Concerns about the defective version are covered in the free plans.

Here are the main points one should consider when purchasing (or building) a Radial Appliance:

  1. Does the steel have enough Carbon? The bare minimum is 0.60% – one retailer’s web page used to say that their steel only had 0.56% Carbon (needless to say, they took that admission of improper construction down).
    My Appliance uses high-carbon tool steel.
  2. Is the builder emotionally stable when they put your Appliance together? If not, they’ll leave their imprint [anger/resentment?] on YOUR meditation sessions.
    I only assemble appliances after balancing and grounding my body’s subtle energy fields.
  3. How do you know that their appliance has all the important components? One retailer sells two versions: the regular one, and one with “extra charcoal”. Does the regular one have any charcoal at all?
    I also offer a Radial Appliance Kits in addition to completed appliances, so you can be certain that your appliance has all the right parts.
  4. What is the case made out of? The mass-produced appliance uses some form of molded plastic. I don’t know what the other two builders use for their cases.
    My cases are made of brass. Cayce’s instructions said to use non-ferrous metal for the cases. Would modern plastics be acceptable to Mr. Cayce? Hmm…

Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to give Edgar Cayce’s wisdom a try… right NOW? Don’t you want to resolve your health problems… cut through all the health lies and skyrocket your personal power… starting TODAY? There’s a new life full of health and excitement just waiting for you. The free reports (obtained by signing up for the newsletter) offer insight on Edgar Cayce’s secrets to instant health.

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Thank you for reading. I look forward to having you in “Edgar Cayce’s Inner Circle”!

James Knochel

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