Electric Iodine (Atomidine)

Electric Iodine (atomidine) supplement and Edgar Cayce's Grounding Coin
Electric Iodine (atomidine) supplement and Edgar Cayce’s Grounding Coin


Knowing the tendencies, supply in the vital energies that ye call the vitamins or elements. For remember, while ye give many combinations there are only four elements in your body: water, salt, soda, and iodine. These are the basic elements; they make all the rest. Each vitamin as a component part of an element is simply a combination of these other influences, given a name mostly for confusion to individuals by those who would tell you what to do for a price.

-Edgar Cayce, Reading #2533-6

Thyroid hormone is made with iodine, but it’s probably more accurate to think of thyroid hormone as the body’s iodine transportation system.

A few more quotes from the Edgar Cayce Readings:

Atomidine, of course, is iodine with the poison taken out of it so there is the same reaction every time it is taken. It is to add iodine to the system to purify the glands and to work with the ability of the system, to release poisons from the system. (3078-1)

Q) Should the Bismuth and Milk of Magnesia, alternated, be continued?
A) These would be well as would be the iodine, or Atomidine, to be taken occasionally also that there is the proper according of the forces as make for emunctory and of the glands activity. For most gland secretions we see the necessary functioning of the gland is iodine, or to put it in common parlance, most glands function as machinery would under oil. The iodine being the oil for the gland, see?

Q) how often should the Atomidine be taken, and how much?
A) About every other day – 3-5 drops (294-130)

… After this general cleansing a little atomidine will be beneficial to the body. This after the series of six or eight adjustments have been given. Take one drop in half a glass of water each morning for five days before the morning meal, leave off ten days, and then take again. (608-14)

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