Apple Brandy Fumes for Respiratory Therapy

When a person had breathing problems related to an infection (tuberculosis, pneumonia, etc), Edgar Cayce frequently recommended inhaling the fumes of Apple Brandy as an antiseptic. This was before the first antibiotic drugs were developed. A partially-filled charred oak keg was used as an evaporation chamber. Brandy is made from distilled (concentrated) wine. European regulations […]

A caution about Vinegar

Over the Thanksgiving weekend I found myself shopping at a new grocery store, and looking at a different selection of food products than I usually consider. I noticed a can of German potato salad, which has potatoes, bacon and a vinegar-based dressing. I looked at the ingredients and decided against buying it, but I was […]

Edgar Cayce on Chicken

When going through the Edgar Cayce’s 14,000+ readings, I try to put them in context. How is our world today different from when the Readings were given in the first half of the 20th Century? Chicken was commonly recommended in the health readings, but today’s factory-farmed birds are nothing like the chicken recommended by Edgar […]

Secrets of the Alkaline Diet

Edgar Cayce regularly emphasized the importance of eating an “alkaline-reacting diet”. In January 2018 I read a few hit-pieces against this dietary philosophy in the mainstream media. The target of their spin was Tom Brady, who is actually doing quite well as the National Football League’s oldest quarterback. The hit pieces pointed out that the […]

Whole Wheat Bread

A friend was recently talking about needing to help her ~70-ish year old sister “get her blood sugar under control.” I asked what her sister ate. “Whatever’s in the refrigerator.” Then she told how her sister recently came home with cupcakes. She said to her ‘diabetic’ sister, who should have known better, “Really?” The sister […]