A case of ‘bipolar disorder’ in the Cayce Readings?

In a recent facebook post about the importance of light, I quoted reading #252-1. It seems like this teenager suffered from what today might be called “bipolar disorder”. Conventional medicine is basically helpless when treating this diagnosis – wikipedia says “the exact mechanism underlying the disorder remains unclear”. The treatments offered are palliative, rather than […]

Biodiesel-Free Snack Foods

One of the major dietary problems suffered by humans in the modern world is the substitution of imitation-foods for our evolutionarily-appropriate cuisine. The most dangerous of these substitutions is that of “biodiesel” (commonly sold as “vegetable oil”) for the naturally-saturated fats that humans have consumed for thousands of years. Three local grocery stores have bags […]

Packing on pounds with supposedly-healthy prepared food

This year I was drawn to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday, and drove to Los Angeles on Wednesday. Upon awakening on Thursday, I checked to see if there were any ‘grocery’ options within walking distance. Erewhon Natural Foods Market seemed promising – I called to verify they were open and trekked right over. I found […]

Recognizing and Resolving ‘Birth Trauma’

The last post was about meeting the parents of sickly children. Those parent’s kids demonstrated the importance of Edgar Cayce’s maxim, ‘Mind is the Builder’. I met another parent recently. She was getting something for her kid to eat. I asked ‘how old?’ This woman responded that she has 5 kids. They’ve just started school, […]

How to Carry Cayce’s ‘Cold’ Carbon-Steel Coin

I took my latest batch of steel to the machine shop yesterday. I’ve been working with the shop manager for over 2 years. He had reservations that just carrying a piece of tool steel could benefit the human body, but I gave him a coin anyways. Yesterday I got a neat testimonial: “I don’t know […]