following the intuitions

An important parts of Edgar Cayce’s readings was discussion of the ‘abdominal brain’, the nervous system that runs our digestive system. Cayce pointed out that the abdominal brain is much more important to our ability to manifest our desires than the jumble of nerves above our shoulders. While we think ‘logically’ with our heads, our abdominal brain gives us instant access to our intuitions.

Intuition is the process whereby we are able to receive non-logical ideas through our “gut feelings”. Recently I surprised myself by unconsciously following my gut feelings, which allowed me to find a great deal on something I was interested in.

The path for my find was through a box of old sheets and new and worn out clothes. I’d planned to donate these items to a thrift store that I knew had a deal with a textile recycler. The thrift store sells the clothes/etc that are in good shape and throw everything else into their textiles recycle bin (these are used for rags, upholstery and automotive stuffing, and insulation).

The box had sat around my house for months. I was apparently waiting for the right time to donate. Last week I loaded the box of textiles into my car, and proceeded to the thrift store my intuition had selected for these items.

nitrogen and carbon dioxide tanks
Find at the Thrift Store

There was a yard of newly-donated stuff to pick through. While walking to the donation area I saw two tanks. I didn’t really need another carbon dioxide (CO2) tank, but my friend had expressed interest in a CO2 setup like mine, so I asked the employee how much for the CO2 tank. He didn’t know.

Carbon Dioxide and Metabolism

Carbon Dioxide is an important part of a healthy metabolism: our bodies are supposed to burn sugar/fat/protein with oxygen to make ATP and Carbon Dioxide (“aerobic metabolism”). When a body runs out of oxygen (or when a person gets stressed in other ways), it will partially switch to the backup “anaerobic metabolism”, where the body ferments sugar without oxygen to make a little bit of ATP and lactic acid. Aerobic metabolism produces about 15-times as much ATP as anaerobic metabolism.

While CO2 is a waste product of metabolism, it is also important for homeostasis. When a person hyperventilates, they blow off too much CO2 from their blood, becoming “hypocapnic”. The treatment for hyperventilation is putting a paper bag in front of their face, which allows the hyperventilator to recycle (inhale) some of the CO2 they just exhaled.

There are various approaches to using CO2 therapeutically. In a nutshell, supplemental CO2 (via baths or plastic bag breathing) helps stressed people switch back to aerobic metabolism. Edgar Cayce didn’t really recommend these treatments, so I won’t discuss them here (as this post is about “intuition”).

I made an offer for the silver CO2 tank. I thought my offer was more than the thrift store would have asked, but was still a good deal for me. My little e-shop pays for itself, but it doesn’t print money for me like the goliaths (Amazon / Walmart / etc), and I have to budget. The offer was accepted.

“And how much for the black tank?” I didn’t really care about that one because it’s for nitrogen, but it had a regulator and I thought it might be useful. The attendant said my accepted offer was for both tanks. Nice.

The CO2 tank still has gas, so it’s ready to use. The nitrogen tank was empty. My next stop was the local gas store, to inquire the cost of a nitrogen refill. This supplier had previously exchanged my co2 tank from another vendor for one of theirs.

The gas store employee noticed my black nitrogen tank was sold by his company, and said they’d take it regardless of its expiration date. (Compressed gas tanks are tested and certified, and need to be “requalified” every 10 years; cylinders are useless if no one will fill them). Furthermore, he’d be happy to trade my Nitrogen tank for a CO2 tank.

The next day I noticed my newly-purchased regulator had an adapter. Every gas has its own fitting, to prevent regulators from accidentally being used with the wrong gas. There are adapters so inert gasses can be used with regulators threaded for use with other inert gasses.

My nitrogen tank actually had a CO2 regulator on it. For the cost of a tank refill, I got two tanks and a regulator. I sort of made out like a bandit. .

A big part of manifestation is being in the right place at the right time, so we can meet someone particular, or pick up an item that’s been dropped off for us. We can also help ourselves by following our intuitions to help us search for the right set of keywords, to help us create whatever it is we’re working on.

Optimizing the digestive system is an important part of Edgar Cayce’s approach to health. If you’re not familiar with the Edgar Cayce material, sign up for my ‘free reports’ by putting your email address in the box on this link. I promise to only email occasionally, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Gut feelings are generally regarded as not modulated by conscious thought, but sometimes as a feature of intuition rather than rationality.

Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without recourse to conscious reasoning.