A Modern Substitute for ‘Bulgarian Tablets’ (for making cultured milk)

My last blog post was about Edgar Cayce’s recommendation for ‘Bulgarian Milk’ and Yeast to balance the intestinal microbiome. This quote from Edgar Cayce’s letter was the crux for my figuring out what the Readings meant when they referred to ‘Bulgarian milk’:

R2. 5/15/33 EC’s letter: “Now, I wish I could give you the name of the dried milk. If I remember correctly – Is Hall still there in business? If so, he can tell you about this, I’m sure – for there were several times while I was in Selma that the readings suggested this for our own boys, a certain kind – and, if I remember correctly, it was called Dryco; which, I think, carries all the fats. The Bulgarian milk is put up in tablet form, or in Bulgarian tablets that you put with some other milk – and it works especially for tender stomaches, and where there is needed to be built up fats in the system; though, of course, this is not fattening;

(Edgar Cayce’s letter in Reports of Reading #318-6, M 7)

The ‘Bulgarian tablets’ that Cayce recommended are no longer manufactured. You can mail order a yogurt culture off the internet, but I haven’t done this yet. I just found a substitute for the Bulgarian Tablets at my local grocery store:

These ‘Clio yogurt bars’ have ONLY the “L. burgaricus and S. thermophilus” bacteria on the ingredients. These are the strains to make proper Bulgarian yogurt. You can remove the chocolate coating, chop up the yogurt bars, add a little chunk to turn your plain milk into cultured milk, and store the extra chunks in the freezer.

Here’s the information page about the founder of Clio Snacks:

It all started with our founder Sergey, fearless inventor of Clio Snacks. […] As a Ukrainian immigrant and former accountant, Sergey had a dream to be an entrepreneur […].

https://cliosnacks.com/pages/a-bite-about-us (emphasis added)

Ukraine is a little ways north of Bulgaria, in Eastern Europe – this founder certainly grew up with the same type of yogurt as the Bulgarians. Both countries are on the Black Sea. Here’s their page to help you find a local store that carries their yogurt bars: Clio Snacks: Where to buy. If no one local to you stocks these Clio bars, and you want to culture your milk, there are various stores online that sell bulgarian yogurt cultures. These bars were 2/$3, which is much more economical than ordering culture ($10 minimum with shipping).

I posted on my Facebook page recently about how easy it is to make your own yogurt: Making Yogurt (Facebook link). I haven’t made a batch of yogurt with these bars yet, but that’s next on my list of things to do.

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-James Knochel