Edgar Cayce’s Grounding Pendant


This pendant is similar to Cayce ‘Cold’ Grounding Coin.

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  • The Cayce Grounding Pendant is made from a high-carbon tool steel that was available in the early 20th century.
  • The pendant’s dimensions are 1″ x ½” x ¼“; the hole is 3/16”.
  • There is more steel than one cold coin, but less than two.
  • Lanyard included.

The page on Cayce’s Grounding Coin has more information about the technology. It also includes testimonials from grounding coin customers.

In this video I told about how I came to make the first batch of Pendants: Grounding Pendant Introduction Video — Youtube

tl/dw (too long/didn’t watch): I ordered a batch of steel for Radial Appliances, but didn’t get it until maybe 9 years later (I’d used someone else’s address for shipping). I took it to the machine shop & they turned it into these pendants.

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