an economical approach to respiratory therapy

One of the key insights from the Edgar Cayce readings was self-reliance and self care. Cayce sought to teach us how to take care of ourselves using technology available before 1945.

Sometimes people need help, but families could be trained in how to provide a daily massage for their child, for example. Consistent efforts to improve health are usually better than one-off interventions.

A few weeks ago I wrote about this year’s virus, and how I was not concerned. Nothing has changed about our situation, except how silly politicians have succeeded at creating a crisis. California’s governor is telling people to “shelter in place”. Hrmph. I wonder if this was in the tabletop practice scenario the self-appointed do-gooders held last fall . (They are emphatic that theirs was not a prediction they just accidentally selected a corona virus for their scenario.)

As Spring progresses and people’s vitamin D levels go up, the virus is certainly going away, and the talking heads on TV will probably chatter about how we dodged a bullet with heroic interventions and how everyone needs to get vaccinated before COVID-19 comes around again next fall.

Edgar Cayce’s simple respiratory therapy was inhaling apple brandy fumes from a charred oak barrel. Charcoal absorbs impurities and contaminates. Ethanol (alcohol) is antiseptic, and kills bacteria and dismantles viruses.

I ordered two barrels from a supplier I found on a search for oak kegs. This was also discussed in the notes included in my latest report about viruses (included with all the recent grounding coin orders). The total cost for my two barrels with expedited shipping was 2/3 the cost of a single barrel sold by the ARE’s “official supplier”. I suggested the 5-liter barrel, as this is slightly larger than the gallon barrel Cayce recommended. But the 3L barrel is a little more economical, and should be adequate for our purposes. My barrels arrived yesterday:

oak barrel with charred interior. Symbol is a triquetra

The directions say to install the tap, then add water until the wood swells and the leaks go away. Then I’ll drain the water, add apple brandy, and use a plastic tube to inhale the fumes. I’ll let you know how it works.

If you’re watching your pennies, DO NOT BUY A BARREL. Go to an aquarium supply store and buy some activated charcoal (sold for the filters). Every hardware store should have plastic tube sold in 1-foot sections. Obtain a used 1/2 to 1 gallon container and pour in 1/2 cup of charcoal. Use water to rinse dust out of the charcoal, drain. Add a quart of apple brandy. Swirl the brandy, let it sit for a bit, then insert a tube and inhale the fumes.

Activate Carbon Pellet for sale at the aquarium store

Maybe there’s something in a charred oak keg that isn’t in my proposed alternative. If you have the capability of doing research, I encourage you to look into the matter.

The instructions that arrived with my barrel have cautions: new barrels have to be soaked promptly, then kept filled with liquor so the oak stays hydrated. If liquor isn’t an option, the barrel should be stored filled with water treated with citric acid (to inhibit mold production). This is going to be a high-maintenance barrel.

If you really want my extra barrel send an email to [email protected]. If you live outside the United States I would figure out shipping (probably $50+ to Canada), but you should really find a supplier in your own country, or fashion yourself something using a glass jug and activated charcoal.

In the next few weeks I intend to emerge from my little hobbit hole and make an effort to spread the good news about the actual laws health.

(If you’d be interested in having me send you charcoal and plastic tube, please send me an email at the address provided above. Tell me how you found this blog post, how far away you live from the nearest aquarium store, and your interest in the Cayce material.)