Cayce’s Radial Appliance

In over 10,000 readings, Edgar Cayce examined the health of thousands of individuals. While every reading was unique, general principles for human health have been extracted from the great collection.

Only one therapy, a device invented by Edgar Cayce, was said to be good for “everyone”. This device is commonly known as the Radial Appliance. It uses the vibrations of chilled carbon steel to balance the body’s subtle electric charge. (I don’t personally understand the physics, but I do know a man with a PhD in Physics who fully understands the principles involved. In the future I will be hiring him to write a nice report. )

For many people, the Radial Appliance is the missing puzzle piece that makes everything else a person does for themselves work together. Free plans for Radial Appliance construction can be obtained by signing up for my free email reports at

My version of Edgar Cayce’s Radial Appliance is available as a kit or fully assembled.

Dileep K, a customer from Australia, has started a site about the benefits he’s received from using his Radial Appliance.

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