Cayce’s Coin – free publicity leads to lots of traffic

People who visit this site are typically already interested in the Edgar Cayce material. The first Saturday in July brought a flood of visitors and orders for Edgar Cayce’s ‘cold’ carbon-steel coin. A large number of people also signed up for the free email reports. Someone responded to the email they were sent to say that she was very interested in a Radial Appliance. I responded and asked (in part), “Why are people suddenly searching for more information about Cayce’s ‘coin’? There was no such traffic before Friday…”

This was part of her response:

We heard about the Cayce’s coin while we were listening to a late night am station on the radio. George Noorey was talking to a guest Gwilda Wiyaka, I do believe George had asked her about the coin. I guess I ought to get on ordering ours huh!

Thanks for the quick reply, -S

Needless to say, the flood of orders was unexpected, and my last batch of coins disappeared very quickly. It took two months, but the machine shop just finished another batch:

Some of the latest batch. The longer pieces are remnants.

My coin page has more information, a few testimonials, and a purchase button. Edgar Cayce’s Coin may also be purchased in combination with Edgar Cayce’s Electrified Iodine supplement.

(If you live in Canada or anywhere else, please email [email protected] with the # of coins you want and the country you live in, and I will send you a paypal invoice.)

This is a transcript of the relevant portion of the Coast-To-Coast AM show:

George Noory: Edgar Cayce talked about a ‘[carbon steel] coin, a little piece of metal that you would wear on your body, in your pocket, that he said … would help you in terms of energy cycles, preventing colds and illnesses and things like that. How would something like that work? By the way, I’m a believer in most of the things that Edgar Cayce talked about. How would that work?

George Noory: That’s fascinating, that Cayce, years ago, in the 40’s, would be able to develop things like this. He knew where it was at.

In the second hour a caller asked a followup question:

George Noory: Let’s go to James [jk: a different James] in Los Angeles, Hi James, Thanks for Holding
James in Los Angeles: Yes, I have a question for your guest. You mentioned ‘Metaforms’, number 1 could you tell us where we might obtain that, how do you spell it?

Gwilda Wiyaka: Oh, let me see. I had just pulled that out of my head because I’d just met them the other weekend, uhm, I don’t know how to spell it…
George Noory: One thing you can do is google COLD C-O-L-D COIN, EDGAR CAYCE, and you’ll get, some places will pop up on that too.

George Noory: Okay James
James in Los Angeles: Alright Thank You
George Noory: There you go. And you know what, they’re not very expensive.
Gwilda Wiyaka: Not Relatively
George Noory: I actually carry one of those little things around with me!
Gwilda Wiyaka: They’re amazing.

The audio player below has the clip this transcript is from. It may be 1-5 mintues after you hit the play button before the audio starts because the full file has to download, so please be patient.

Gwilda Wiyaka also mentioned fellow Arizona-based Cayce researcher, Michael Mandeville. Michael and I have met up a few times in Black Canyon City – his expertise is the Cayce readings that are concerned with the predicted changes in the earth. Here is the clip from that segment:

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