Whole Wheat Bread

A friend was recently talking about needing to help her ~70-ish year old sister “get her blood sugar under control.” I asked what her sister ate. “Whatever’s in the refrigerator.” Then she told how her sister recently came home with cupcakes. She said to her ‘diabetic’ sister, who should have known better, “Really?”

The sister protested, “they have dairy-free frosting!” This is one of the ways that food companies health-wash garbage foods. Dairy is a generally-acceptable source of calories, and is much safer than modern dairy-substitutes.

I came up with an idea… “Your sister needs a job. Go to the thrift store and get a bread machine. It should be <$10. Your sister’s job will be Breadmaker.”

Zojirushi Bread Machine

My mom bought this bread machine about 25 years ago. It was used sporadically, and was ‘gifted’ to my brother 3 years ago. He used it a few times before it migrated into his garage. This is the usual fate of a bread machine.

Edgar Cayce commonly recommended whole wheat bread in the readings. Starting in the 1800’s, wheat flour was commonly refined into white flour to extend its shelf life. Removing the germ prevents flour from becoming rancid, but it also removes the fiber and a good chunk of nutrients. The food industry has taken to ‘fortifying’ flour with some of the vitamins that were removed, but the health effects of fortified flour is nothing like the original.

The first priority for people who want to lose weight is to lower the amount of starch in their diet. (The second free report covers a different oft-used Cayce strategy for effortless weightloss.) But for someone who’s eating a random diet of whatever’s available (grocery store cupcakes, etc), home-made whole wheat bread is a vast improvement.

Modern science seems to indicate that the type of intestinal bacteria that feed on whole wheat fiber make short-chain saturated fatty acids, which are much more helpful than the noxious bacteria that thrive on less-desirable kinds of fiber.

I’ve looked at the various breads at the supermarket, and have decided most commercial “whole wheat” breads are entirely unacceptable for people who care about their health. I’ve thus salvaged mom’s old bread machine from my brother’s garage. The bread produced provides for a nice slice of toast.

Whole Wheat Bread

1.5 cup milk
2-3 tblsp butter/coconut oil
3 tblsp sugar/honey
1.5 tsp salt
3 1/3 cup whole wheat flour
1.5 tsp yeast

whole wheat flour
Golden Buffalo Wheat Flour, Organic (Natural Grocers)

My friend hadn’t gotten her sister a bread maker yet, but her sister really likes the idea…