Edgar Cayce on Chicken

When going through the Edgar Cayce’s 14,000+ readings, I try to put them in context. How is our world today different from when the Readings were given in the first half of the 20th Century?

Chicken was commonly recommended in the health readings, but today’s factory-farmed birds are nothing like the chicken recommended by Edgar Cayce.

Before the 1950’s chickens were scrawny birds that were used for eggs and soup. After the 1950’s chickens got supersized and mass-produced. Some gigantic modern birds can barely move because their muscles grow faster than their bones.

In the 1940s America launched a series of “Chicken of Tomorrow” competitions for farmers. The aim, as described by a newspaper at the time, was to produce “one bird chunky enough for the whole family […]

How chicken became the rich world’s most popular meat

Costco is building a new chicken operation in Nebraska, to free themselves from the big vertically-integrated chicken suppliers. These quotes are transcribed from a video on CNBC:

[…] In the early 20th century, chicken meat was merely a byproduct of egg production. The only chickens that were sold for meat were older hens that could no longer lay eggs. So it was a rare and expensive product. Even though the meat would be tough and unpalatable by today’s standards. But that changed rapidly after WWII.

[…] In 2012, the average American consumed 4x as much chicken as they did in 1950.

Costco opening a $440M chicken farm to escape America’s chicken monopoly

A Nebraskan resisting Costco’s new chicken operation said, “Our mantra is, this is not farming, this is industrial production of widgets.

Below are some selections from the Cayce Readings that point out that “meat” is the least important part of using chickens for food.

Evenings – (these foods only added gradually, after the eight to ten day period) – a little chicken or mutton broth, but very little of the meat itself. A little later the body may begin with stewed chicken, or broiled chicken or broiled fish, and well-cooked vegetables – but not with too much grease in same. Even these vegetables and the chicken or fish would be better cooked in the Patapar paper or a steam cooker

[Reading #133-4, F 54, July 28 1934]

Broth is made by boiling the cartilage portions of the animal in water. The size of chickens in the 1930’s were miniature compared to what we can buy in the modern grocery store, so the ratio of cartilage to meat was much higher than we find in today’s factory chicken. Modern industry has organized to sell us chicken meat, but Edgar Cayce frequently told the recipients of the readings to eat “very little of the meat itself”.

(Q) Is there any special diet I should follow?
(A) Eat plenty of fish and chicken, and when you eat it chew the bony pieces of the chicken – especially the neck and feet

[Reading #318-9, M 17, June 1st , 1943]

Other readings say that if the fish is canned, the bones can be eaten too.

For a pregnant 29 year old woman:

Take more of Calcios, – or chew chicken feet and chicken neck and you will have the same thing! Cook them well, then chew the bones thoroughly. This will supply calcium not only for the developing of the teeth of the body that is expected, but of the general bone and sinew structure also. For this is easily assimilated. Or, take a small quantity of Calcios once a day, on a little bread or as it is. […]

[8/26/39 GD’s note: Calcios – syrupy paste, containing free calcium easily assimilated – manufactured by The Colloidal Health Products Corp., Greenvale, Long Island, N.Y. It sells for $2.50 a jar. No longer in business.]

[Reading #23-15, August 26 1939]

In the above reading, Edgar Cayce noted that consuming adequate calcium while pregnant is important for the “body that is expected’s” future teeth. Chicken bones are just as good as any supplement for this purpose.

Figuring out how to “eat healthy” is a nearly-impossible task in the the modern world, as there are many commonly-repeated maxims that are misinterpretations of the actual findings of Science.

The wisdom contained in the thousands of Edgar Cayce readings is a better foundation for health.

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