How to Carry Cayce’s ‘Cold’ Carbon-Steel Coin

I took my latest batch of steel to the machine shop yesterday. I’ve been working with the shop manager for over 2 years. He had reservations that just carrying a piece of tool steel could benefit the human body, but I gave him a coin anyways. Yesterday I got a neat testimonial:

“I don’t know if it’s the coin I’m carrying, but everyone around me is sick as a dog… And I’m perfectly healthy.”

-Nick Fisher, Prescott Valley Arizona

Occasionally people ask about drilling a hole, so that the coins may be used as a pendant on a necklace, but I generally discourage this practice. Edgar Cayce said that his ‘coin’ should be carried at the level of the pubic bone, which is the approximate level of the root chakra. The root chakra facilitates our energetic connection to the earth, and Cayce’s coin helps to strengthen this connection.

Many pairs of jeans have a little pocket on the right side that was originally for carrying a pocket watch. For a while I put my coin in this pocket, even though the location was a little high.

When Cayce’s Coin was mentioned on Coast 2 Coast AM,  I suggested that purchasers sew their coin into a sort of coin-wallet and safety-pin this to their garments at an appropriate location. It would be fine to sew the coin permanently into a piece of fabric, but I didn’t think they’d be good to sell that way – I think people should see and feel the coin which they are to carry (or attach to their undergarments).

I bought some silk fabric, pulled out my sewing machine, and attempted to sew little bags. While I was successful, these were not aesthetically-pleasing. Fortunately one of my suppliers carries pre-made silk bags in all different sizes. I thought the smallest bags were a little large, but they actually fold up to just the right size – the safety pin should go through multiple layers of fabric. After the first ‘sticking’ the pin does not need to be removed from the silk bag.

Carbon Steel Coin
The silk bag should be folded over several times, to reinforce the area through which the safety-pin is pushed through.

If you’ve previously bought coins from me, you can sew them into a piece of cotton or silk cloth. Every dollar store should have needles and thread. Any piece of “recycled” natural-fiber cloth will work fine – if you don’t have any old t-shirts, thrift stores will have something just as good.

Edgar Cayce’s Carbon-Steel Coin

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