Children and Edgar Cayce’s Maxim, ‘Mind is the Builder’

I recently met the parents of two children who perfectly demonstrate the importance of Edgar Cayce’s oft-repeated maxim, Mind is the Builder.

The first mother’s 12-year old daughter had recently completed a sleep study at the local children’s hospital…

The doctors say her daughter has many problems: lupus, arthritis, nightmares, sleep apnea, etc. She has a neurology doctor, a bladder doctor, an asthma doctor, a sleep doctor, and certainly others. Each medical practitioner “diagnoses” the problems they are trained to recognize. But none of the specialists has noticed the patient whom they are treating.

I asked Mom what was happening in their lives when the daughter’s problems first started developing at about age 4. Without hesitation, Mom shared that her husband had passed away rather quickly from an aggressive form of cancer.

Losing your father at any age is hard, but at such an early age is traumatic. Instead of treating each of the girl’s symptoms individually, it would be much more effective to help her process the heartbreak she experiences from her father’s passing.

The next day I met another couple. I shared that I have a few websites, and asked if they were familiar with the Edgar Cayce material. They were not, so I briefly explained that Mr. Cayce was an early-20th Century Christian Mystic who used self-hypnosis to tell people what was wrong with them, and what they could do to improve their situation.

The wife was very intrigued. I showed them two of my Cayce Coins/Grounding Discs, and shared some of the positive reports that I’ve received from my customers.

She asked if the coin could help with allergies. I started to respond, but then ‘Mom’ jumped right to the point: they have a 7-year old son who looks perfectly healthy. He has good muscle tone, without any of the chub that many kids are afflicted with today. But every time someone gets sick, their 7-year-old son catches it too. The doctors have tested the kid for allergies and all sorts of conditions, but he still catches EVERYTHING.

I asked if the health problems started with school, as some kids do not easily transition from home to kindergarten. But ‘Dad’ said they started earlier than that.

A few minutes later I thought to ask if their boy had gone to daycare. Mom confirmed that he had. I knew this was root cause of their boy’s problems. By being sick all the time now, mom HAS to take care of him. Mom confirmed that taking off work to go to all the doctor visits is a bit of a drain. She also said that their older, healthier child hadn’t been sent to daycare like the sickly one.

This mother asked what they could do. I shared some easy diet tweaks (such as Cayce-approved proteins, adequate salt and iodine, etc). I also re-emphasized the importance of getting to the root of the condition, and provided some resources for helping their son deal with the residual emotional trauma that resulted from being subjected to daycare.

Any medical intervention that doesn’t address the core aspects of a condition is hardly an intervention at all. While western medicine does well to identify specific biochemical imbalances, it has trouble finding the individual behind the diagnosis.

Edgar Cayce’s perspective always included the individual the reading was for. The best outcome for an individual is achieved by treating the whole person – spirit, mind, and body, in that order.

-James Knochel

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