Recognizing and Resolving ‘Birth Trauma’

The last post was about meeting the parents of sickly children. Those parent’s kids demonstrated the importance of Edgar Cayce’s maxim, ‘Mind is the Builder’.

I met another parent recently. She was getting something for her kid to eat. I asked ‘how old?’ This woman responded that she has 5 kids. They’ve just started school, and they’ve all gotten sick: asthma, etc.

2 of the 5 are twins. Somehow it came up that the first twin was born in the usual manner. The second couldn’t come out the normal way, and had to be extracted via C-section (as is frequently the case for twins). It is usually much better for babies to be squeezed through the birth canal, as “the second twin typically has a higher frequency of problems.”

I said something about the importance of going through the birth canal to put pressure on the cranial bones. The mother shared that her C-section twin’s lungs didn’t inflate like the first’s – it took a few days. Even now, years later, this mother casually referred to her twins as ‘stronger’ and ‘smaller’. She said that they both get sick, but the smaller one always gets sicker.

Birth trauma takes many forms. My step-brother and a friend were both born with their umbilical cords around their necks, and both had their tonsils extracted at young ages because of chronic ear infections. Even though their chronic ear infections stopped after their tonsil surgeries, other somatic problems continued. I recommended Edgar Cayce’s preferred style of hands-on-healing to both of these people, and they are both doing remarkably well now.

Birth trauma persists, even decades after one’s birth. Edgar Cayce’s wisdom for resolving trauma stored in one’s physical body helps when applied at any age, but gives the most rapid results when used with young children.

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