Packing on pounds with supposedly-healthy prepared food

This year I was drawn to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday, and drove to Los Angeles on Wednesday. Upon awakening on Thursday, I checked to see if there were any ‘grocery’ options within walking distance. Erewhon Natural Foods Market seemed promising – I called to verify they were open and trekked right over. I found a delightful store that I will definitely return to. This quote is from Erewhon’s “Our Story” page:

In a world filled with millions of foods and products that are unhealthy for human beings and destructive to the planet, and whose production is purely for profit, we are working hard so that Erewhon is always an oasis of all that is good.

As I wandered around I overheard a woman talking to an employee about a problem she had with one of the brands of milk, but I didn’t catch what she’d said. After the employee walked away I asked for clarification. She said that the farmer allegedly has the cows munching on corn while they’re milked. While corn and cotton seed meal are staples of the industrialized dairy industry’s diet for milk-producing cows, large amounts of corn is not evolutionarily-appropriate as cattle feed. While cotton-seed meal is high in protein, the cotton industry’s non-grain waste product is not an appropriate feed for any animal whose health is a concern.

Then this woman said the most profound thing: “I gained 60 pounds eating at Whole Foods”. While this grocery chain is much better than conventional grocers, I understood why this woman would attribute her current weight to her former food supplier. I mentioned that many of their prepared foods are contaminated with canola oil, but she already knew about that specific problem.

It can be quite a challenge to get rid of weight once you’ve put it on. Conventional wisdom tells us that excess weight is a simple matter caused by eating more calories than you burn. Simple explanations are simplistic, and fail to explain why a such a large portion of people living today have weight problems. A much better explanation for the obesity epidemic is that the modern diet is extensively contaminated with imitation-foods that impair┬ápeople’s ability to burn sugar efficiently.┬áSome people’s bodies respond to these food-insults by packing on pounds.

Excess weight was less of a problem when the Edgar Cayce was giving the Readings, but strategies for weight loss was one of the topics that was covered. Once the major modern contaminates are removed from the diet, Edgar Cayce’s strategies for weight loss can make a big difference. All the readings were for specific people, but the principles used are universal.

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