Biodiesel-Free Snack Foods

One of the major dietary problems suffered by humans in the modern world is the substitution of imitation-foods for our evolutionarily-appropriate cuisine. The most dangerous of these substitutions is that of “biodiesel” (commonly sold as “vegetable oil”) for the naturally-saturated fats that humans have consumed for thousands of years.

Three local grocery stores have bags of potato chips that are fried in coconut oil. While these are convenient, they are sort of expensive. The video below is of making my first batch of home-made potato chips:

No biodiesel was used to fry these potatoes. The slices were a little thick – more like french fry texture than potato chip texture. Another problem was that the slices were too wet. I’d pre-rinsed the potato slices in a pot of water, because potato-water is a good source of protein, and to hopefully keep solids from accumulating in the bottom of my fryer.

The fryer is a Hamilton Beach 12-Cup. My first batch of donuts was fried in a pot on the stove, but it was a challenge to control the temperature, and the oil was burned after a single use. The Hamilton Beach fryer automatically turns off the heating element when the oil reaches the temperature set by the dial. The dial is not especially precise, which is why I use the laser thermometer, which is an Etekcity Lasergrip 774.

Edgar Cayce frequently advised against eating any type of fried food. For example:

  • … Do not eat fried foods of any kind, such as fried potatoes or the like. The potato peeling may be taken when the potato is baked, but no fried foods. (Edgar Cayce Reading #653-3)

Boiling and baking potatoes are better cooking methods – a little bit of butter complements the potato starch nicely.

If someone is going to eat fried foods, they ought to be fried in coconut oil. My other website covers the “biodiesel” problem in more detail:

The Obesity Epidemic: Evidence of a Crime Against The Public’s Health