A case of ‘bipolar disorder’ in the Cayce Readings?

In a recent facebook post about the importance of light, I quoted reading #252-1. It seems like this teenager suffered from what today might be called “bipolar disorder”. Conventional medicine is basically helpless when treating this diagnosis – wikipedia says “the exact mechanism underlying the disorder remains unclear”. The treatments offered are palliative, rather than curative.

4. There are periods when there are seemingly unnecessary expressions or manifestations of the activities, as related to the anger and the expression of same. There are other periods when the docility of the body becomes as an extreme.

Mr. Cayce precisely gave an aetiology of the young woman’s condition. This examination of the causes “related to the anger and the expression of same” is certainly relevant to many people’s experiences today.

The text of this reading is below. I’ve bolded a few passages that I think are important.

TEXT OF READING 252-1 F TEENS (?) (Student?)

This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Artic Crescent, Va. Beach, Va., this 28th day of January, 1933, in accordance with request made by the parents, Mr. and Mrs. […] through Active Member Mr. [257].


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Mildred Davis, H. L. and L. B. Cayce.


Time of Reading 11:10 to 11:40 A. M. Eastern Standard Time. …, Ill.

1. GC: You will go over the body thoroughly and advise us of the conditions you find, giving the history of the case, the treatment, that will bring the body back to thoroughly normal conditions. After you have given us this information, please advise the mental body for its best development, to guide her parents for her best interests. You will then answer the questions.

2. EC: Yes, we have the body and those conditions physically and mentally that disturb the better equilibrium of the body.

3. As seen, the cause is from the effects of a condition that existed with the body during the earlier developing years, when there were the affectations through the muco-membranes of those portions of the system as related to the glands, that affect the body in bringing about the distribution of the elements that are active in system for resuscitation of the body-physical. Hence there are impoverishments, and too great an activity in other portions of the system; the glands are secreting for the effect or the activity in portions of body, when there is the lack of other elements in other portions. The thyroids and the lacteals are those disturbed; the lacteals being inefficient in their activity and the thyroids overactive. Hence there are periods when the body becomes mentally and physically overactive, and there are periods when the body becomes very morose and inactive in every way or manner.

4. There are periods when there are seemingly unnecessary expressions or manifestations of the activities, as related to the anger and the expression of same. There are other periods when the docility of the body becomes as an extreme.

5. It is the incoordination in the direct activity of the glands that is affecting the system.

6. As we find, this came from a condition that was with the congestion in throat, and that affected the digestive system. Not merely a cold, but a very high fever that went with same, that – as it were – burned up much of the membrane activity as related to these conditions. See?

7. Then, the effects created are of the nature that are very changeable, and they affect almost ALL the organs in one or another manner. The disorder is that they DO NOT affect them in the SAME way and manner, each cycle changing in their functioning. As given, the body SHOULD – with its development – gradually OUTGROW the condition; but unless – as we find – there are some additions in creating a balance of equilibrium in the matter of distribution of resuscitating forces within the system, some portions of the organs are to be so impoverished as to cause not only the physical disabilities to the extent that the constitutional action will be impaired, but there may not be perfected a physical organism and the pressures would also arise from the glands that affect, especially, through the ones creating equilibrium in the mental coordination WITH the physical activity of the body – as to make for irrationality in some activities of the physical body.

8. In meeting the conditions then, as we find, there will be the necessity first that there be given the consideration to those conditions necessary for creating the better balance in the activities to the glands; the thyroids, the Leydig, the lacteals, the adrenal, and the coordinating in the activities that come through the medulla oblongata to the portion of distribution to the sensory organisms of the system; so that there may be better coordination between the sympathetic and cerebro-spinal through the activities upon the centers that make for coordination in the various connections between the cerebro-spinal, sympathetic, which SYMPATHETICALLY react – as the affectation gives – for the digestive influences of the system.

9. Then, when these have been brought to a condition where near normalcy may be expected in their activity, the changes would be necessary for PRODUCING then the impetus or the influence as to make for better coordinating in the cerebro-spinal and sympathetic centers.

10. Necessarily, then, the applications for the corrections in these directions must work hand in hand, but give at least a few weeks of advantage to the activities of the glands.

11. First, there should be some coordination of influences to the activities of the body as related to the information that is being given here; for the activities of the body-mental may be influenced greater through the associations of the body-mental to the psychic influences and the activities in the mental and physical body, than through the attempting to coerce through urge in any other manner.

The INTERESTS of the body in this direction may be aroused, provided there is not the attempt to force the issue; for such has often (as seen with those about the body) produced such rebellions that most anything might happen. (Begin by interesting the body in data or information on kindred subjects.)

12. Then, as soon as this has been done, we would begin with giving Atomidine (or iodine with poison out) in such quantities as to produce an impetus for the cleansing of the system as related to the activities of the glands’ functioning in the system. Six to eight drops or minims twice each day, before the meal of morning (with plenty of water) and before retiring in the evening.

13. After eight days we would begin with the ultra-violet ray treatment given once each week, and the Infra Red ray given once each week. The Infra Red would be given, we would say, on Fridays, while the ultra-violet would be on Tuesdays. The application of the ultra-violet should be for those portions of the body especially from the waist down, along the cerebro-spinal system; it should be at least thirty-eight inches from the body but not applied more than three to five minutes. Use this for sufficient period of time, until there is not only the activity of the rays to the central portion of the system but that the superficial portion of the body is well tanned.

14. The Infra Red would be given more for the brachial center and above; this applied both to the cerebro-spinal and to the front portion of the body, so the structural activity – especially of the ribs, the clavicle, and the upper portion of the cerebro-spinal system – have the effect of the penetrating rays of this activity. This should be given for from ten to twenty minutes AFTER this has been heated; but not sufficiently close to burn or to produce too deep an irritation.

15. We would keep a well balanced diet, but tending more toward the alkalins – not too great an amount of sweets, for these will make for too great a tendency for the accumulation of forces in system where parts of the body have been under the influence of not sufficient activity to the present period.

16. Also we would keep a physical activity sufficient to at times make the body physically tired. This preferably would be taken of evenings, before the body retires; and after taking such exercise (using both the upper and lower limbs, as near as possible, in the unison of activity), have a tepid bath and a thorough rubdown. The rest and recuperative forces will come through a regenerating of the system for a normal balance in the body.

17. It would not be necessary for outside applications other than that required by the use of the lights. The rest should be a matter of the body feeling, knowing, through the activities that are being accorded or taken by the system, that there will be builded and developed a normal, well-balanced body – physically and mentally.

18. The mental aptitudes and attitudes of the body should be in those tendencies towards the creative forces through the imaginations of the body, whether in the field of the arts as applied to colors or music; for these are only a tone – or a vibration – higher one from the other. These should be the fields of activity for the body.

19. Ready for questions.

20. We are through for the present.

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