Pie Plant (Rhubarb) as functional food in the Cayce Readings

Rhubarb has been brought to my attention several times in recent months. This spring I noticed a rhubarb plant at the local garden center:

Rhubarb – cutting the bottom out of the pot and placing over the plant forces it to grow longer stalks. Cardboard & wood chips keep weeds down.

A few weeks later I saw stalks of rhubarb at the farmer’s market, so I picked up a bundle. Last week, while perusing through the Cayce readings about kidney problems, I ran across a reference to using “pie plant” (rhubarb) and other fruits/plants as mild laxatives: Continue reading “Pie Plant (Rhubarb) as functional food in the Cayce Readings”

A case of ‘bipolar disorder’ in the Cayce Readings?

In a recent facebook post about the importance of light, I quoted reading #252-1. It seems like this teenager suffered from what today might be called “bipolar disorder”. Conventional medicine is basically helpless when treating this diagnosis – wikipedia says “the exact mechanism underlying the disorder remains unclear”. The treatments offered are palliative, rather than curative.

4. There are periods when there are seemingly unnecessary expressions or manifestations of the activities, as related to the anger and the expression of same. There are other periods when the docility of the body becomes as an extreme.

Mr. Cayce precisely gave an aetiology of the young woman’s condition. This examination of the causes “related to the anger and the expression of same” is certainly relevant to many people’s experiences today.

The text of this reading is below. I’ve bolded a few passages that I think are important. Continue reading “A case of ‘bipolar disorder’ in the Cayce Readings?”

Biodiesel-Free Snack Foods

One of the major dietary problems suffered by humans in the modern world is the substitution of imitation-foods for our evolutionarily-appropriate cuisine. The most dangerous of these substitutions is that of “biodiesel” (commonly sold as “vegetable oil”) for the naturally-saturated fats that humans have consumed for thousands of years.

Three local grocery stores have bags of potato chips that are fried in coconut oil. While these are convenient, they are sort of expensive. The video below is of making my first batch of home-made potato chips:

No biodiesel was used to fry these potatoes. The slices were a little thick – more like french fry texture than potato chip texture. Another problem was that the slices were too wet. I’d pre-rinsed the potato slices in a pot of water, because potato-water is a good source of protein, and to hopefully keep solids from accumulating in the bottom of my fryer.

The fryer is a Hamilton Beach 12-Cup. My first batch of donuts was fried in a pot on the stove, but it was a challenge to control the temperature, and the oil was burned after a single use. The Hamilton Beach fryer automatically turns off the heating element when the oil reaches the temperature set by the dial. The dial is not especially precise, which is why I use the laser thermometer, which is an Etekcity Lasergrip 774.

Edgar Cayce frequently advised against eating any type of fried food. For example:

  • … Do not eat fried foods of any kind, such as fried potatoes or the like. The potato peeling may be taken when the potato is baked, but no fried foods. (Edgar Cayce Reading #653-3)

Boiling and baking potatoes are better cooking methods – a little bit of butter complements the potato starch nicely.

If someone is going to eat fried foods, they ought to be fried in coconut oil. My other website covers the “biodiesel” problem in more detail:

The Obesity Epidemic: Evidence of a Crime Against The Public’s Health

holiday coins

Steven Breaux in Louisianna emailed me recently asking about buying some Cayce Grounding Coins to give away for the holidays. Steven used to have chronic sinus troubles – carrying two Cayce Grounding coins has allowed him to breathe freely for these past three years. His testimonial is on the Cayce Carbon-Steel Grounding Coin page.

Coin, silk bag, reinforcement fabric, brass safety pin
Cayce Grounding Coin (Silk bag is now used for protection while in transit)

Packing on pounds with supposedly-healthy prepared food

This year I was drawn to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday, and drove to Los Angeles on Wednesday. Upon awakening on Thursday, I checked to see if there were any ‘grocery’ options within walking distance. Erewhon Natural Foods Market seemed promising – I called to verify they were open and trekked right over. I found a delightful store that I will definitely return to. This quote is from Erewhon’s “Our Story” page:

Continue reading “Packing on pounds with supposedly-healthy prepared food”

Recognizing and Resolving ‘Birth Trauma’

The last post was about meeting the parents of sickly children. Those parent’s kids demonstrated the importance of Edgar Cayce’s maxim, ‘Mind is the Builder’.

I met another parent recently. She was getting something for her kid to eat. I asked ‘how old?’ This woman responded that she has 5 kids. They’ve just started school, and they’ve all gotten sick: asthma, etc. Continue reading “Recognizing and Resolving ‘Birth Trauma’”

Children and Edgar Cayce’s Maxim, ‘Mind is the Builder’

I recently met the parents of two children who perfectly demonstrate the importance of Edgar Cayce’s oft-repeated maxim, Mind is the Builder.

The first mother’s 12-year old daughter had recently completed a sleep study at the local children’s hospital…
Continue reading “Children and Edgar Cayce’s Maxim, ‘Mind is the Builder’”

How to Carry Cayce’s ‘Cold’ Carbon-Steel Coin

I took my latest batch of steel to the machine shop yesterday. I’ve been working with the shop manager for over 2 years. He had reservations that just carrying a piece of tool steel could benefit the human body, but I gave him a coin anyways. Yesterday I got a neat testimonial:

“I don’t know if it’s the coin I’m carrying, but everyone around me is sick as a dog… And I’m perfectly healthy.”

-Nick Fisher, Prescott Valley Arizona

Occasionally people ask about drilling a hole, so that the coins may be used as a pendant on a necklace, but I generally discourage this practice. Edgar Cayce said that his ‘coin’ should be carried at the level of the pubic bone, which is the approximate level of the root chakra. The root chakra facilitates our energetic connection to the earth, and Cayce’s coin helps to strengthen this connection.

Many pairs of jeans have a little pocket on the right side that was originally for carrying a pocket watch. For a while I put my coin in this pocket, even though the location was a little high.

When Cayce’s Coin was mentioned on Coast 2 Coast AM,  I suggested that purchasers sew their coin into a sort of coin-wallet and safety-pin this to their garments at an appropriate location. It would be fine to sew the coin permanently into a piece of fabric, but I didn’t think they’d be good to sell that way – I think people should see and feel the coin which they are to carry (or attach to their undergarments).

I bought some silk fabric, pulled out my sewing machine, and attempted to sew little bags. While I was successful, these were not aesthetically-pleasing. Fortunately one of my suppliers carries pre-made silk bags in all different sizes. I thought the smallest bags were a little large, but they actually fold up to just the right size – the safety pin should go through multiple layers of fabric. After the first ‘sticking’ the pin does not need to be removed from the silk bag.

Carbon Steel Coin
The silk bag should be folded over several times, to reinforce the area through which the safety-pin is pushed through.

If you’ve previously bought coins from me, you can sew them into a piece of cotton or silk cloth. Every dollar store should have needles and thread. Any piece of “recycled” natural-fiber cloth will work fine – if you don’t have any old t-shirts, thrift stores will have something just as good.

Edgar Cayce’s Carbon-Steel Coin

Order 1, 3 or 5 coins using this button (One silk coin-bag per order):
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Carbon Steel Coin + Detoxified Iodine Combination Package

The iodine/coin package now includes one free bag per coin – order 2 to get the best value!
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More information about the iodine supplement is on this page.

Did you know Hugh Lynn Cayce?

Every so often I get an email from people who’ve been interested in the Cayce material for quite a bit longer than me.

The neatest of these is a recent email from Sam Benesch, who wrote asking if he could purchase a set of wires for his Radial Appliance. His wires were misplaced in one of his moves. This email also mentioned that his appliance was built by Marsden Godfrey.

I clicked on the link to the website, and found a fascinating archive of Sam’s personal experiences with Hugh Lynn Cayce and the post-WWII Association for Research and Enlightenment. Marsden Godfrey built Radial Appliances when Edgar Cayce was still alive.

During the Second World War I was assigned to the same Army unit as was Hugh Lynn Cayce. He was a Staff Sergeant and slept in a sleeping bag – on a cot – in a big tent.

I was a Private First Class and slept in a sleeping bag, atop my rain coat spread on the ground in a pup tent.


I really appreciated that Mr. Benesch sent me a link to his website, and sent him a complimentary set of wires.

Cayce’s Coin – free publicity leads to lots of traffic

People who visit this site are typically already interested in the Edgar Cayce material. The first Saturday in July brought a flood of visitors and orders for Edgar Cayce’s ‘cold’ carbon-steel coin. A large number of people also signed up for the free email reports. Someone responded to the email they were sent to say that she was very interested in a Radial Appliance. I responded and asked (in part), “Why are people suddenly searching for more information about Cayce’s ‘coin’? There was no such traffic before Friday…”

This was part of her response:

We heard about the Cayce’s coin while we were listening to a late night am station on the radio. George Noorey was talking to a guest Gwilda Wiyaka, I do believe George had asked her about the coin. I guess I ought to get on ordering ours huh!

Thanks for the quick reply, -S

Needless to say, the flood of orders was unexpected, and my last batch of coins disappeared very quickly. It took two months, but the machine shop just finished another batch:

Some of the latest batch. The longer pieces are remnants.

My coin page has more information, a few testimonials, and a purchase button. Edgar Cayce’s Coin may also be purchased in combination with Edgar Cayce’s Electrified Iodine supplement.

(If you live in Canada or anywhere else, please email [email protected] with the # of coins you want and the country you live in, and I will send you a paypal invoice.)

This is a transcript of the relevant portion of the Coast-To-Coast AM show:

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